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In your home, office, medical facility or school, having mold is a dangerous health concern for everyone. Mold is a sneaky predator that can grow virtually anywhere, and remain undetected for years. Our proven mold remediation process can provide you with the peace of mind you need.
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Mold Removal

Bleach Mold Myth Exposed!

Chlorine Bleach does not kill moldWhy?

Mold's hyphae (root structures) actually grow into wood and drywall like roots. The hyphae are not killed by bleach because bleach's ionic structure prevents chlorine from penetrating into porous materials such as dry wall and wood. It stays on the outside surface, whereas mold has protected enzyme roots growing inside the porous construction materials. When you spray porous surface molds with bleach, the water part of the solution soaks into the wood while the bleach chemical sits atop the surface, gasses off, and thus only partially kills the surface layer of mold while the water penetration of the building materials fosters further mold growth.

Chlorine bleach causes long term breakdown of wood products like studs, sheathing, plywood, OSB, and other building materials over time.

Here is an example of why bleach does not kill mold.
Have you ever used bleach or products like Tilex to clean mold or mildew out of grout in a tiled shower? If so, you would notice that it does a great job getting the "mold stains" off the grout, however 1-2 weeks later, the mold is back again....Why? The ionic structure of the bleach does not allow it to get to the roots and kill the mold and mildew. The mold is just being "bleached out" and the roots remain intact. Thereby allowing the mold to return 1-2 weeks later, stronger than ever.
What is Mold?
Mold is part of the natural environment & reproduces by means of tiny spores invisible to the naked eye.
Mold floats through outdoor & indoor air.
Mold begins to grow when it is exposed to a wet surface & has shelter as well as a food source (wood).
This Laundry Room has Mold 
under the Vinyl Floors .
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