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Tale-tell signs of damage include:

-Mold inside your home

-Mold growing on walls & furniture  

-Musty odors in the living area

-Buckled hardwood floors

-High humidity in the living area

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Mold on Ceiling and Trim
​We Clean:

First we use 
Mold Cleaning Solution, 
Then Home Dry Out

After  Cleaning
Mold growing on trim
After  Cleaning

C A Mold Solutions has over 25 years experience in mold prevention on residential and commercial projects, We are personally committed to making sure that every job is done right every time. Mold prevention is the key to stopping MOLD growth.

Is Your Home Or Business As Healthy As It Should Be? 

A detailed mold test and inspection can uncover small problems before they get much worse. 

We provide services to
Myrtle Beach
Augusta, GA

We Clean Ceilings & Remove Organic Material
                              FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED 
25 Years Experience in Mold Inspections, Mold Sampling and Remediation 
Floor Joist in a crawl space